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Right from the beginning the Nölke philosophy is based on the principle of „continuous improvement“. Against this background the enterprise feels in a special way obliged to protect the environment. Already during the process of product development, Nölke always checks the production process for critical points regarding this. Doing that, the company and the environmental interests are always co-ordinated as well as possible.

For all areas the responsibility for the environment has to be part of the practised enterprise philosophy. That is why Nölke established a full time working environmental protection department already in 1993 and won the second place in the competition for the annual environmental prize of the district Gütersloh in 1999.

In the same year Nölke was the first enterprise of the meat products branch, which introduced the Integrated Management System. Company policy is to educate the employees for the requirements of the environmental protection in the factory, as with own ideas and initiative everybody can contribute to the ecological progress.

Our environ politics have the following contents:

  • Production and marketing of our products on a high quality level in ecological and at the same time economic procedures to protect the environment as well as possible
  • Realisation of the environmental protection plan by a professional management system
  • Conscious co-ordination of own and environmental interests
  • Use of technologies and procedures corresponding to the latest technical standard to have an environmentally compatible production in our enterprise
  • Consideration of the environmental protection plan already during stage of article development
  • Open dialogue regarding themes relevant for the environment with employees, customers, suppliers, responsible authorities and the interested public
  • The employees are sensitised with regard to environmental responsibility by corresponding education and continuous training
  • Permanent improvement of the environmental protection in the factory, more than compliance to the relevant environmental prescriptions



Work protection according to ILO
valid until 31.12.2017, issued by BGN, Mainz,  015/2014

Environment protection according to ISO 14001:2004
valid until 17.01.2017, issued by SGS Hamburg, DE 08/72 351

Energy Management according to ISO 50001:2011
valid until 19.11.2017, issued by SGS Hamburg, DE 14/818 842 055