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Menzefricke - The 5-Stars-Specialities

The Salami production in Versmold has a long tradition: Already Fritz Nölke, the father of our founders, worked for the “Dauerwurst- und Fleischwarenfabrik Menzefricke”, which existed since 1898. Today as well as more than 100 years ago, connoisseurs who want high quality products buy this brand, if they want to allow themselves something really good.

“Menzefricke” takes the consumer into the world of the traditional butcher’s trade, which produces its products with utmost care and only with the best raw materials. The five stars stand for the premium character of the brand: for a fine taste by traditional recipes; for a masterly tradition in the production; for best quality by the selection of the raw materials; for an excellent taste, which comes up to highest expectations and for a large variety of Westphalian and European sausage specialities.

The Menezfricke-claim “5-stars-specialities” does not only describe the top quality of the assortment. The consumer can choose one of the many variations: Chosen spices and production procedures bring much variety on the tables of the sausage connoisseurs.