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Gutfried - Special Taste and Pure Pleasure

It was in 1968 when Nölke laid the foundations of an extraordinary story of success: The enterprise introduced Poultry Sausage on the German market. For almost 50 years now, “Gutfried” has connected a conscious nourishment and pure pleasure, for which the claim “Gutfried is good for me” advertises in a very credible way. Poultry meat is extremely valuable for the nourishment and moreover very digestible. But the most important characteristic of the Gutfried specialities, which makes them even so popular for the consumers, is: the excellent taste. The consumers connect with the brand Gutfried excellent quality, pure pleasure and an up-to-date nourishment. In the recent years, Gutfried has become a family brand with an attractive variety. Whether sausage, sliced meats or meat, from snack for school up to barbecue products - the wide assortment of Gutfried offers something special for every taste and every occasion.

There is always season for sausages - and adults and children like the Poultry-Vienna-Sausages or Cracow-Sausages, served hot or cold. Many people, who want conscious nourishment, can’t imagine having a barbecue without Gutfried Turkey-Bratwurst, because they offer full taste with lower fat.

Consumers, trade, butchers and large consumers have confidence in the brand Gutfried, which stands for quality and freshness. Eating our products you can taste the great experience we have in production and that we choose our raw materials very carefully.

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